Advice on Moving and Marriage During a Pandemic

Once the pandemic started, life began to feel almost surreal. The daily, routine activities that kept our day to day lives predictable practically disappeared overnight. Months later, what do we make of the state of the world?

This has been a humbling experience to say the least. On March 1st, I had settled into my job with Modera after being there for a year and a half. I was just weeks away from both getting married and closing on a new home. Life was good, and predictable. Then the weekend the pandemic hit, nothing felt guaranteed. This new, strange virus was now at our doorstep.

Lisa and I quarantined ourselves in a one-bedroom apartment just outside of NYC. Worse yet is that we both contracted COVID despite our precautions and spent March and April fighting the (thankfully) mild symptoms. We both found our careers as financial advisors, so this coincided … Read the rest