Benefits of Hiring Freelancers and What are the Cons?

Freelancing involves selling one’s services to another who pays for them based on either a short- or long-term contract. A freelancer, therefore, makes life quite easy and tasks fast and achievable within a target duration. Getting a business off the ground sometimes may entail the engagement of freelance service. This service employment makes room for one to focus on other necessary tasks that will enhance business growth. To get these services, one has to be on the lookout for reliable business services that offer freelance services at fair prices.


One of the numerous benefits of hiring a freelancer is the availability of the skill sets across the globe. Over the years, many platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer make the process of hiring freelancers painless and easy. Therefore, the natural process makes it faster to get freelancers that make the job easier.


The price of the service rendered is another benefit attached to hiring a freelancer. As opposed to hiring an in- house employee who expects different benefits like salaries, pension packages, and allowances, a freelancer expects none of these. The advantage attached to this for the one hiring the service is that such an individual is free from the extra charges and benefit claims.


Diversity, they say, allows for dynamism. Hence, one of the benefits attached to engaging the services of a freelancer is the diversity that gives room for vitality as there are a lot of professionals with different and even the same skill sets to choose. For instance, it is possible to find different professionals in the tech world from which one can pick and contract a particular job. In essence, hiring a freelancer gives one freedom of choice while deciding the freelancer to choose.

Just as there is no business with pros or benefits that do not have cons or risks, hiring a freelancer also has its drawbacks. The major ones include:

Commitment issues

One of the disadvantages of hiring a freelancer is the lack of commitment on the part of the hired freelancer. Most times, this lack of adequate commitment comes from the fact that the freelancer has a lot of works to finish and, as such, may opt-out from one abruptly if he or she gets a better offer. The abrupt opting out is possible because no contract binds them to the project.


Another risk attached to hiring a freelance is the problem of missing deadlines. Since the freelancing workforce entails juggling multiple tasks almost at the same time, they may not be able to meet up with one’s timeline as they have too many tasks to handle. Also, due to the lack of contractual obligation, they may favor one job over the other, thereby failing to meet up with the latter’s scheduled time for submission.

Therefore, to engage the services of freelancers after knowing the pros and cons, you may ask friends and families for recommendations or read reviews of companies that offer freelance services.