Russian Accent. Russian hackers became a russian bots

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Hello everyone, Michael Owergreen and Russian accent. Thanks for being with us and today we are going to talk about «Russian hackers became a russian bots» This is out topic today.

We’ve all heard that Russian hackers played on Trump’s side and even coordinated their efforts with members of the Trump family to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. This is a never-ending story, and since no one has any evidence, why are we talking about it? Before, they were talking about “hackers”, now they’ve changed it to Russian “bots”. There are no hackers anymore. What do we know about Russia’s invasion of the election?

So in the meantime, we don’t know much about these bots. They say a couple million bots distributed information about clashes between the police and members of the black community. It was spread as paid ads to form protests, and somehow this made the Clinton campaign fail?

How could they shape our debate by using bots and paid ads, spending only about $100000, and why does the Pentagon have a budget of more than 580 billion dollars to defend democracy if Russia was able to beat us at our own elections? How cost effective are we?

It looks like we were not ready for that impact. Is it some kind of secret technique? Is it new? Who invented it? Do you think Putin tried it on us? So, it is well-known. He even did it in Europe. But something is wrong. If she said that this is a common thing in Russia, how come we don’t know about it? We have a cyber-unit in the Pentagon, do they know about these bots and hackers? They talk about it now, but why did they not prevent it? Why were they not even alerted at the time? Was anyone doing their job?  Well, you know what? It does not seem to matter who has a job to do. What does matter, is who did the work. And this is Putin, he did his job, right?

In the end, where are we? What are we going to do now? What do we need to focus on? They destroyed our country? How is that possible? Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump became president of the United States. Where are the Russians here? Clinton calls for a direct election like in the rest of the world. I don’t see any Russian call here. I want someone to explain to me how they did it, or tell me that it is not going to happen again.

Also, they say it was first invented in Russia to use against political opponents. Then it was transferred to Europe – against who? Did the Russians steal the election from Merkel? Looks like they didn’t, so why should we be worried about it?

If we hide the proof, we will never convince our allies that the invasion happened in 2016. Even now we see Merkel has lost mutual trust with us. She said Kaspersky is Ok, while we are trying to push them out of the US. We are holding tightly to sanctions against Russia, but she has started talking about their release. We are no longer their guardians.

And now we have in Ukraine what we have. People kill each other and even a new coup is about to begin. Even the political pariah arrived in Ukraine. This is not a Russia-oriented guy, he is Putin’s enemy. Was Putin doing this? Well, at that time the leader of the USSR, Michael Gorbachev, was asking for financial help. He asked for 100 billion dollars, and we refused to give the USSR funding. What happened after that, we all know. President Yeltsin and President Putin. Now we got what we got.

This is a very interesting story. The Russians celebrated too soon. Celebrated what? Trump becoming President. But he is not the President of Russia – it’s Americans who are supposed to be happy and celebrate. But look at this, it wasn’t Putin who made him President, but the members of the electoral college. Why should we not celebrate our elections? We are happy because they are not happy. Should we, as leaders of the world, worry about how happy or unhappy others are? Or are we not leaders anymore? It seems like he is the leader and we are just followers of his Twitter and Facebook accounts, or even a bots? Thanks for being with us Michael Owergreen and Russian accent. See you next week.


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