Russian Accent. Merkel slammed Schröder

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Hello everyone Mike Owergreen and Russian Accent. Thanks for being with us. Ladies and gentlemen, we have acouple sensitive things we are about to discuss today during our conversation. Let’s start step by step.


As per the media: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has slammed her predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, for taking a job with Russian oil giant Rosneft, which is currently a target of US and European Union sanctions. “I don’t think what Schröder is doing is okay,” she said Monday during an interview with the Bild newspaper that was broadcast live online.

The conservative Merkel joins a growing chorus of criticism of Schröder, who was the head of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). We must say with this statement, that she is pushing down the SDP. Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) currently have a comfortable 15-point lead over the SPD, with elections scheduled for September 24.

The combative Schröder, 73, is no newcomer to Kremlin-based controversy. He has never hidden his friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and was heavily criticized for giving Putin a hug at the Russian leader’s birthday party in St. Petersburg in 2014, just weeks after the Kremlin annexed the Crimean peninsula.

Also media also said that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was nominated to Russia’s Rosneft board of directors. A friend of the Russian president, former German Chancellor Schröder has been working for the Russian energy industry since he lost to Chancellor Merkel in 2005. Rosneft has been hit by Western sanctions. Russia denied all responsibility and does not agree with the sanctions. The decision to implement sanctions does not comply with WTO rules. If you think someone is breaking the rules, you can not break the rules in response. Otherwise you’re just as bad a guy as he is.

And here are a couple things I have to say. First, many other leaders of countries and big international organizations, like NATO, still work with different politicians after resigning. Let me say that Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former head of NATO, now works as a political counselor, is this also bad? Or is this a problem only because Schröder is a friend of Putin and works for Russia? Is he hugging murderer Putin?

How about Anders Fogh Rasmussen working for the bloody Poroshenko and shaking his hand? Poroshenko killed his own people in eastern Ukraine and Rasmussen was killed people in Syria. How about that? Merkel was shaking hands, hugging and kissing Nicolas Sarkozy, who destroyed Lybia, and received oil at a 90% discount.

Another thing is, probably, nobody will hire Merkel to the same position that Schröder has been successfully maintaining for many years. “Willing, but unable” does not work so well. Also keep in mind, that the acts of terror we have been seeing throughout Europe are the result of Merkel’s policies, too.

«A man who drove a van into crowds of pedestrians on Barcelona’s central Las Ramblas promenade last week, killing 13 people and injuring more than a hundred» and earlier others bombed different place in Europe and lately even stabbed people in Finland, because we were bombing their countries. And Merkel is talking about the inadmissability of business with Russia? You know, she is so holier-than-thou about being a politician. Thanks for being with us, Michael Owergreen and Russian Accent. Keep a close eye on the Russian-American diplomatic scandal. It is going to be a very interesting issue. See you soon.


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