Russian accent. Being sensetive is not neccecerely being smart.

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Hello everyone, this is Russian Accent with Mike Owergreen. Thanks for being with us and let’s talk a little about sanctions. As usual, we take it from media: President Donald Trump hasn’t been terribly consistent about much during his two-year political career. But one place where he has never wavered is in his skepticism that Russia actively meddled in the 2016 election. On Sunday, Trump’s newly minted communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, acknowledged that the boss still isn’t convinced.

O’key! Here we go again. Trump did it, without paying even a penny. He is on the top of all charts. He is a newsmaker. Look what is going on. Every tweet he is issued is going loud and worldwide. He is most cited in the world. If he was paying for his publicity he would be a millioner instead of being billioner. And he got it for free. And even CNN ageed with that statement. Back to media:

«When Trump hears Russia, he sees an attempt to rob him of the single greatest accomplishment in his life — not to mention the best proof point he’s had in his 71 years on earth that he is much, much smarter than the so-called elites».

I would say, at least he is smarter then his opponents are.

“The mainstream media position on this, that they interfered in the election,” Scaramucci said. “It actually, in his mind, what are you guys suggesting? You’re going to delegitimize his victory?»

Of course it is not going to happen. We can not boast of victories, being his opposition, but he could, he is a winner. At least he won the election. He is rich and famous and we are working for him for free. He did not pay for all this crazy things, complete maddness, we heard everyday for half a year already.

The evidence suggests that Russia’s coordinated release of emails gathered by a hack into the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s account played a role in the outcome. How big? It’s virtually impossible to know given the variety of other factors — most notably then-FBI Director James Comey’s decision to re-open the Clinton email server case — that influenced how voters made up their minds.

Evidence? They said evidence? What evidence? Who could prove that Russia is middled in Trump election. They really should investigate why and how Democratic party was pling on Clinton side, but nobody investigate that.

Trump’s own CIA director, Mike Pompeo, was definitive on that point at a national security conference in Aspen, Colorado, late last week. “I am confident that the Russians meddled in this election, as is the entire intelligence community,».

That is the problem. If you are confident, why you talk on the conference? Bring it to a media, prove it and you’ll be a hero. Because now he looks like he is Irresponsible person. And that makes a damage to a country.

Trump also makes a damage to this country and that why media is that sensetive, but being sensetive is not neccecerely being smart.


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