Russian Accent in US

Russian accent is a small weekly show. We make it short and from different point of view.

Russian Accent in Europe

We working a lot in Europe as well. Roughly speaking we are always on one of a coast of Atlantic ocean, or above it.


DigitalMetro at a glance

Who we are

DigitalMetro (DM) is russian-american political analysis website. We are small but ambitious team, and after many years working with mass media, we have our own vision of modern political agenda. We are operating in Europe and USA. Our analytics are on both sides of Atlantic.


American media are losing the confidence of their consumers and it seems like nowadays is a time when the facts need to be analysed, not just explained. We heard russians have had influenced to 2016 US elections. We know what US media said about it. And now is a time to listen what russians think about it. Second opinion sometimes become a right one. We are masters of second opinion.


Many people around the globe lately have lost the faith in democracy. No matter how strange it may sound, but authoritarian leaders, have performed more stable and successful results for their countries, while old democracies are destroing countries in Middle East and Anterior Asia. The world is in transition mode. We are the witnesses of those changes and our customers around the world are the actors.


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